Apps for the Ultimate Driving Playlist

Most cars these days offer multiple ways to use your smart phone to play music. Many models have elaborate infotainment screens through which you can login to various music apps for live streaming. Many cars also offer an auxillary connection for use of your smart phone as an MP3 player. You can learn more about accessing apps and music stored on your devices by reading the thorough model reviews featured on However you access your music, there are many great music apps out there that deliver tunes to create the ultimate driving playlist.

The giant of the Internet – Google, offers its own take on streaming services with Google Play Music. The app can be used for free if you’re content to wait through advertisements featured by sponsors. There are also paid subscriptions for both single and family accounts. This particular app usually comes preinstalled on Android devices and users can access music through radio stations and user-created libraries.

Spotify is another well-recognized music app. Like Google Play Music, there are free, individual and family accounts available. There are dozens of ways to find the music you’re looking for on Spotify including a search option that returns categories of content for specific artists like popular songs, albums, singles and more. You can access your Spotify content by connecting to you vehicle via Bluetooth or by connecting with an auxillary cord.

Pandora is where streaming music started to build great momentum. Unlike the other two apps mentioned, Pandora creates a live stream for you based on your likes and preferences. Paid versions of the app allow you to skip unlimited numbers of songs. The free versions limits your ability to fast forward.

IHeartRadio, AppleMusic, Tidal and Aha Radio are other music apps that you might like too. Which one you ultimately choose comes down to preference and compatibility with your vehicle. For more information about vehicle compatibility, be sure to check the car reviews and specifications featured on