The Three Cardinal Rules of Bookkeeping

Before you can consider hiring a bookkeeper Melbourne, it is important to make sure that you know the three cardinal rules of bookkeeping. This is the only way that you can be sure to hire the best bookkeeper you can find. And, that you know about the things that you should ask your new bookkeeper. If they don’t have any knowledge about any of these three rules, then they don’t have the experience you are looking for.

Keeping any slips of purchases

Not only is the top cardinal rule of bookkeeping, but this is also something that can make any bookkeeper confused. It is important to make sure that every single slip of purchases that the company has made, is getting stored away. By the end of the month, if you don’t have the slips, you are going to have some problems with bookkeeping that doesn’t work out.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the purchase might be. Every slip should be stored correctly. Not throwing it away, just because it was only a $10 slip. This is the one thing that an experienced bookkeeper should know. If your bookkeeper doesn’t know this, it might not be a great idea to hire her.

Keeping bookkeeping up to date

If the bookkeeper Melbourne thinks that she can only come into the office once a month to do the books, then you should see the warning signs. This isn’t something that can only be done once a month. This is something that should be done all the time. Every single day.

If you don’t do the books on a regular basis, you will now know for sure that your books are done correctly, and if there are any errors that might become a problem later on.

Using the best possible software

With the technology that we have to our advantage, it is a great idea to make use of the software. But, if your bookkeeper is really worth paying for, then they will know that using just any bookkeeper software isn’t recommended. That it is really important to make sure that she is using the best software that you can find.

And, they would be able to tell you exactly what type of software you should be purchasing for the office if you want to make use of her bookkeeping skills. If she says that any bookkeeping software will work, you should not even consider hiring her. This isn’t going to work, and not all the bookkeeper’s software is reliable.

Before you are hiring any bookkeepers, you need to make sure that they are highly qualified. A great way to make sure that she is qualified is to ask her about the three cardinal rules of bookkeeping. With this information, you will know what her answer should be. If this is what she is answering, then you know that this is a great, recommended bookkeeper. If she can’t answer these questions, then you should start looking for another bookkeeper Melbourne that will be able to answer this question.